Our pricing

All prices are set individually with each customer. Virtually every trip we make is different, so setting a fixed price list would have to be due to flat fees. It is not a secret that a lump sum is not a beneficial solution for the client, therefore we do not introduce it.

When preparing bus transport, it is very important to pay attention to toll road sections (tolls for motorways and viaToll). Often, the routes are slightly longer due to the necessity of avoiding obstacles that coaches will not overcome (eg low viaducts).

Many factors affect the price. From the size of the vehicle, through catering and driver accommodation, to the bus’s working time. We also take into account price reductions for regular customers but also schools, parishes, universities and sports clubs guided by social responsibility.


During the coach rental process, we also take into account all your requests regarding special signage, additional amenities or reservations of individual places.

We encourage you to ask questions. The more you can tell us about the trip, the more accurate will be the valuation of the bus or bus.

Inquiries should preferably be submitted by email  nawrocki@nawrocki.info.pl